Jessica Conway is at the end of her rope. She desperately needs a few things that her moral values can't buy: food, shelter, a chance for a better life. Connor Montgomery is tortured with guilt from the past and wants only one thing from Jessica, something he's very willing to pay her for. Setting her up as his mistress seems like the perfect idea. But how long can a situation continue that was a mistake from the very beginning?

Jessica is trying to get herself through college but thanks to her mother, cannot get the money any other way then making the Dean’s list.  Unfortunately, her last semester was a disaster.  She has to find a solution and fast!  Her “solution” is shaped like Adonis himself.  Combined with the warmth on a statue to boot.  It’s her last resort so she steppes on her principles and make due with it, becoming a paid mistress.  Will Connor warm up enough to see the gem that stands right in front of him?

I will start by saying that the book comes with a warning; it is NOT a regular hot love affair, far from it.  It may even hurt the sensibility of the romantic souls out there.  Weirdly enough, when you take a step away from romance, you are walking towards reality.  Which is probably why this book really disappointed me.
Connor is cold, selfish and domineering.  Jessica tries really hard, in her own head, to stand her ground but is just a big noodle in her actions.  The story lacked warmth altogether in my opinion and the sex was really REALLY blah. 
I stood on the outside of their story like a stranger looking in the whole time, whishing there would be something, ANYTHING that would get my blood pumping.
For once, I just can’t put my finger on the reason why I just didn’t get hooked, other than the lack of passion between the characters.  Combined with inconsistency between what they are thinking and how they are acting from page to page, it lost me completely.

It’s sad really – And I’m so confused; I will normally look for a story as close to reality as possible.  I understand authors who like to deliver this kind of reality have to walk a fine line in order to keep the passion going.  Unfortunately, The Mistress Mistake is just a little too “real” for my taste. 

That being said, I look forward to Lynda Chance’s next story.  And I would really REALLY like to find her in the social media sphere!

Type: Contemporary Romance – Although, really, the romance is kinda missing.
Keyword: Domineering hero, virgin heroin
Intimacy: Blah.  Really blah. 

I gave it a 2 stars and I sincerely hope it will be my last one from this author whom I simply adore!

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