An Erotic Novella of Desire and Temptation
Life in the suburbs has been domestic, not daring. A fateful trip into the city delivers unsuspecting single mom Jenny Babin into the hands of ruthless Richard Bergeron.

Richard lives in a dark underworld where money is made and lost with a roll of the dice.
Jenny is drawn into an erotic relationship filled with passion, dominance and dark persuasion.

Can she escape Richard's control before it's too late? Or will her time in the city become the life she's always dreamed of?

Jenny, a single mom, is meeting her 2 friends at a bar for fun and drinks.  She ends up in the wrong bar (how clumsy of her) and meets Richard, the owner of the establishment.  It's obvious for the man that she is indeed at the wrong place.  A pick up bar is NOT where an obvious soccer mom should be.  He decides to let know and let her go but the instant attraction they feel will lead them on the path of discovery.  For her, it will be about letting go of control in all shapes and forms.  For him, it will be about acknowledging his feelings...And make sure she doesn't slip by him.

If you have read some of my other reviews, you already know I'm a fan of Lynda Chance.  I did, indeed, enjoy the book, even if it was a short story (it comes with it's limitation, as we know).  I fell in love with Richard in all his possessiveness and macho-alpha-male-i'm-in-charge type from the very beginning.

However, it kind of left me hanging because you expect it to be a backing in his past or his profession to support this side of his personality.  Being a club owner is not sufficient to explain either his fortune of shady past.  Unfortunately, it's a great example of the shortcomings of a short story because all this side information is put on the back burner and is not there to complete the story.

There is also the fact that for a single mom who made it on her own, she's freakin' clueless!  so much so, it sometimes feels like you are in front of a blushing teenager!!  A little annoying at times.  I like my heroine to have somewhat of a backbone because with the men they are confronted with, it's imperative if don't want to get walked all over.

I always end up re-reading myself and wonder if anyone would pickup the book after going over this review but rest assure, you should.  It's still a good short story that you will likely enjoy and you'll probably be inclined to pickup the 2 other related stories afterwards!

Type: Contemporary erotic romance (or Romantica, as I like to call it)
Keyword: Alpha-male, Possessive Hero
Intimacy: Sizzling

I gave it a 3 stars, but only compared to her other books.  As it was one of her first, I would say it's darn good but she does only get better.

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